MTB 1st level course

MTB basic riding course

This course is suitable for everyone, from experts to beginners. Even those who have practised this sport for a long time will be surprised about how much the MTB can increase the confidence and the fun of riding. All that is needed is just a little shrewdness and a bit of technique. The course covers the following topics:

-Basics of bike safety
-Starting, stopping and getting off the bike in particular situations
-Riding techniques
-Ideal positions on the bike
-Skills for climbing and downhill

This course is for a maximum number of 10 participants, it will take place in Miane, at the “Polo multifunzionale” and in the surroundings hills. The price is 35 €.

Pakage «1st and 2nd level MTB course» 60 €

Duration: 3 hours
Bicycle: Mountain Bike
Level: Beginners
Age: 16 years or more
Location: Miane (TV), Polo Multifunzionale
Date: Sat 20/05/2017 at 9:00
Participants: 6 to 10
Price: 35 €

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